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GLO is wide popular network with good and strong signal, which edge out the other communication networks with their immeasurable services provided to customer. Talking about minimal call charge rates they are doing wonderfully well, including the data given to customer at cheaper rate wow really wonderful. 

I'm really enjoying their plan though they might not be the best but they are better, not until the story changed when I try to make another subscription believe me they've reduce their 3.2GiG to 1.6GiG at the same amount, you can check it out on your GLO sim *777# . The good news is that you can still have your former data plan, according to conversation between myself and customer care service so don't be discouraged.

How can you keep enjoying the former data plan

If your last or current subscription was 3.2GiG for #1000 then you can keep maintaining it until further notice, this is how to go about it;

  1.  Try to enable auto renew in order to help and save time.
  2. If you consume data very well try to load another money on your line as soon as you receive low data notification, in order to be reactivated. Then you will be given the former data subscription at the same amount.
  3. But if your data expires, make sure you load money on your line within 3days and dial the same code *777#, you will still be given the former data subscription plan, you get 1.6GiG notification twice. But if you refuse to load at the grace period then after that you only have 1.6GiG and you keep using that until further notice.

How to subscribe

STEP 1:  I guess you have your sim inside your phone , If yes then dial *777# and follow the procedure that follows;

STEP 2:  Select 1 and reply the message

STEP 3: Select 2 again for monthly plan or check other plans 

STEP 5: Select the amount you want to subscribe and send , then you are there.

How to check your balance

Don't forget the normal code to dial. *777#, first select 1 ,  then follow the procedure as usual

STEP 1: Select 4 instead of 1 to check your remaining balance

STEP 2: Select 4 to check the current balance, then you have your notification deliver to your phone

Note: You can also cancel auto renew in case you don't want to continue subscribing just send CANCEL to 127, then you are opt out.

Join glo world to have full access to internet and enjoy cheaper call rate, and 200% of your money on some other tariff.

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