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How to secure your PC using Shutdown Timer On Windows 7, 8, 10

Putting security into consideration in terms of everything is very important most especially in technology world, as the use of computer and other smart devices are taken huge share in our daily routine, 90% of people are into technology no matter the person you are irrespective of your age and status, most especially those using computer for specific purposes as the daily practice. If you valid security then you will love this post , many times you doze off working on your computer which might lead to computer working all around 24hrs and that could be more dangerous causing harm to the computer components or probably you want to give your computer to someone and you want to control the working time then you can set shutdown timer which will automatically shutdown your PC, depending on the time schedule.

How To Set Shutdown Timer On Windows

This is very interesting with simple steps to take and it is easy to understand, just follow the steps below and you are there.

Step 1. “Right Click” any area on your Desktop, and click on “New”.

Step 2. Then, from the side drop menu, select “Shortcut”.

Step 3. Then, a window will open. In this window, as the address, type the following keywords.

shutdown.exe -s -t XXXX

Note: "xxxx" is your shutdown time and it must be in seconds, for example if you want to set timer for 3hrs then in must be 10800 ( How? 60sec = 1min, 60min = 1hr so 60 * 60 * 3 = 10800) very simple. check below picture

Step 4. Rename according to timer in order to know when your PC will shutdown.

Step 5. Click finish to create the timer shortcut on your desktop. Just double click on it to start the timer.

As you can see its very simple and you can delete at anytime if you don't want your PC to shutdown, you can create as many as possible.

This should be interesting if you properly follow the steps . For any queries, suggestions and questions, please write to us in comments below. Also share this quick tip with your friends as well.

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