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How To Send Invitation to All your Facebook Friends To Like your Page

Leaving aside controversy, Facebook is one of the best popular used social platform that connect billions of people throughout the world. It is rated very high in the apps world, is a platform where we can create profile, Pages, groups and events to interact with people. 

Creating page maybe easy but growing it maybe so hard and tedious but with determination and hard work it can be achieved. Many times we have a plan sending request to friends to like our page but having many friends maybe difficult in sending to them. Let assume you have close to 4000 friends and consider the time it will take, for you to be able to send request to them all in which time is previous to us, so we have a simple trick that can help you send invitation to all your friends at ones without any stress or waste of time.

If this method is used properly it will be able to grow your page tremendously and increase your page like.

How to send invitation to all your friends

Here i'm going to teach you two methods and you choose the best,  though one has better advantage over another. We have using Chrome Plugin and Scripting, the two is good though but if you choose Scripting method you maybe disallow using Script again that you will only use it ones.

METHOD ONE:- Using (Chrome Extension).

1.  Install Google chrome extension.
2. This extension will provide the feature to invite all Facebook friends by one click.

3. After the installation of this chrome extension small icon will start appearing on the top right side of the browser.
4. Button will only appear when you open Facebook website otherwise it will disappear.

5. Now login into account whose friends you want to invite to like Facebook page.
6. After that open Facebook page and then click on the Invite all friend button.
7. New pop up window will appear with name of all friends.
8.Then click on the icon of the extension which had installed.

9. After that just wait for few second your all friends invite automatically.

METHOD TWO:-  Using Script.

 1. Open your Facebook page you want invite friends
2. Then click on Invite all friends option and pop window will appear.
3. After that press F12 button on keyboard. Now console window box will appear.
Copy below code and paste them in console box.

var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

4. After pasting above code into console box press button. Invitation to like Facebook page will be send successfully. 

This is trick on How to  Invite All Facebook Friends To Like Page, it will help you in getting popular and create more awareness about your page. Your comment counts feel free to write us.

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