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Learn easy steps to find people on KIK

KiK is one of the popular chatting app that allow you to connect with people both far and near, no matter the location or where you first meet. With KiK you can make video call to the person on the other end right from your room just for free, just like your whatsapp call and video.

You can connect to your friend anytime and also search for more friends but some people don't know how to do this, you are lucky reading this post because am going to teach you some steps to do this which are very easy to understand.

5 steps to find people on kik

Here you will be learning steps to search and add friends using kik, but before that you need to download kik app if you don't have it. It works on Windows, Androids and other iOS smartphones. Go to AppStore and search for kik and download to your phone then you are good to.

Step 1:-  Share your Kik Profile by going to Settings and tapping “Share Your Profile” at the bottom of the screen. Choose the social network you want to share your username to, and you might land some new friends.

Step 2:- Join a public group. Just search for a hashtag that relates to your interests, like #OneDirectionFans, to meet other people who like the same things you do.

Step 3:- Start your own public group and name it after something you’re interested in. People will be able to search it on Kik, and you can share it to your social media accounts.

Step 4:- Turn on Address Book Matching by tapping to Settings > Chat Settings > Address Book Matching. We’ll send a match message to contacts in your phone’s address book, who also have Kik, and have address book matching turned on.

Step 5:- Tap the web icon (it’s the globe) on your main chats screen in Kik, then type ‘chat’ into the Kik browser. You’ll find a bunch of web pages to help you find new conversations.

In conclusion, kik work just like any other instant messenger app which allow you to connect with many people throughout the world.

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