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The best security Mobile tracker apps for your Android phone when stolen or Lost

Considering security as priority is necessary when it comes to using devices as some people carelessly misplace or lost their phone or probably fall into wrong hand, you know what that mean.

Just as the name Mobile Phone it is expected to take your phone with you everywhere and losing it ignorantly is not beyond imagination, no one on earth is above making mistake. Today I have Android security apps that can track your phone whenever it falls into wrong hand but before it can manage your phone for you then you must have done your part by setting up the apps to track your phone for you. One of the app had been discussed in the previous post Android Device Manager but i'm going to tell you again for the benefit of the newbies that's just stumbling on here.

I have two apps that can manage your phone when lost or stolen all you need to do is to download (mobile tracker free app) , install and setup to tart working. You can find the app on Google but i'm going to give the link here to manage your time. First app is Find My Device, a free app formerly known as Android Device Manager, Second is Cerberus which is an alternative to Find My Device but it is paid app.

Find My Device
Once you install and activate (Download) Find My Device on your phone, then you’ll be able to control, monitor and perform tasks through the app’s website. This includes locating your phone, sounding an alarm, or wiping the data altogether in case you become certain that you can no longer recover your device.

Screengrab via Google Play /Ben

Cerberus (Download) add extra features such as taking pictures and recording audio and video of the device holder, displaying messages that stay on the screen, and remote shell access to your phone, I think that is awesome using this app.

Screengrab via Google Play/Ben

Click the links above to download and install directly to your phone, no magic it work perfect just make sure you configure your app properly. 

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