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Some Free Apps That Makes Your Smartphone Looks Smater

Android smartphone is very economical and easy to manage compare to iPhone, Blackberry and others, it sound odd right? I'm very sure if you are Android user then you'll understand better, for instance most of the android apps are free even they allow you to share many other android devices (using sharing apps like Xender, flash share, SHAREit etc) as many as you want which cut cost of wasting data. Their OS is very good and graphical which comes in many versions and enables you to make upgrade at any point in time, today i'm going to share you 5 free apps to make your smartphone smarter AppLock, AirDroid, Microsoft OneNote, Flipboard, CamScanner.

5 Free Apps That Makes Your Smartphones Smarter
1# AppLock 
AppLock (Android) makes it easy to manage the security of individual apps, It is reliable and useful. . You can lock apps down with a password, pattern or fingerprint scan and even hide specific data, including photos and videos. There's also a feature that allows you to auto-lock or unlock your phone based on location. This is helpful not only for business security purposes but also to prevent losing information. Many entrepreneurs use one primary phone for their business and personal life, and maintaining a separation is much easier with the features AppLock offers.  

2# AirDroid 
AirDroid (Android) is among the most impressive free apps. The functionality is great, the user interface is slick, and the advertisements are relatively noninvasive. AirDroid allows you to access everything on your phone from any computer, so you can text directly on your laptop (Windows or Mac) using a full-sized keyboard, receive notifications, access apps and more. AirDroid helps minimize the number of screens you're managing at a time by bringing them together in a seamless and efficient way.  

3# Microsoft OneNote 
Microsoft OneNote (Android, iOS) is still one of the best free apps for phones. The robust application is an organizational powerhouse, offering users the ability to create dynamic sharable notebooks that can hold word documents, photos, embedded videos, Excel workbooks and just about any other data files you can name. OneNote works with Outlook, which is helpful for fluid business use, and the growing selection of project management tools makes it more than just a place to store things.

4# Flipboard 
Since businesses don't exist in a vacuum, most entrepreneurs place a high value on being informed. Flipboard (Android, iOS) is hands-down the best app for staying updated on the things that interest you most. This elegant app allows you to curate your own interest areas and then read about them in separate "magazines." You can either flip through all the articles that have been curated for you or select a specific magazine to read. I have magazines on subjects as varied as technology, world economics, news, recipes, travel and interior decorating.  

5# CamScanner 
CamScanner on Android (or CamScanner Lite on iOS) doesn't have the greatest interface, but it's so useful it deserves to be on this list. CamScanner effectively turns your phone into a scanner. You can scan documents directly into a PDF format and then email it from the app. CamScanner is an asset for self-employed entrepreneurs who regularly deal with the back-and-forth of signing contracts with clients. CamScanner also allows you to secure sensitive documents with passwords, add annotations, and print or fax from the app. All the apps are available on app store or google store , all you need to do is to go to App Store or Google Store on your smartphone and download directly to your phone, they are all free so feel free to check , download and install. 

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