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Best Android smartphones 2017 | Android One phones are powered by Google

Mi A1 phone is one of the best phone released this year which trend in the market, it has gone so far bringing more sales the Xiaomi company, It was created by Xiaomi and powered by Google. Xiaomi is the newest company that partner with google and they are really doing wonderfully well with many of their product released some month ago, you can check some of the Xiaomi products here.

Partnering with Google has being a great profit to many companies, when Android One was launched in India 2014 their goal was to get next billion people online by providing them with high quality and affordable phones which they have accomplished and still doing more better.

Android One has stand across a wide range of phones with a refreshing simple software experience. It is designed to improve battery life span and to increase usablity. Google is extending thier commitment by working morepartners to help them build phones that has good software experience.In case you dont know Android One devices are among top selling devices in the world today including thier newly released GM6 in the market.

All Android One devices are said to have four qualities that make them sells in the market Simple, Smart, secure and fresh. What do i mean Simple??? All Android One phones are said to be simple if you have seen any then you will be able to testify, they consistently run a pure Android experience with clean design, carefully curated with preinstalled apps.

Smart: Android One phones help users avoid running out of space, by providing free and unlimited storage of high quality photos and videos.

Secure:Android One phones are kept safe and secure with regular security updates. Devices will also stay secure with Google Play Protect: built-in malware protection that keeps phones clean, fast and high-performing.

Fresh: Android One devices will receive timely upgrades to the latest Android OS, so people can quickly gain access to the latest platform innovations on their device.

In conclusion, If you havent lay hand on any Android One phone then do today as Android One phones are smart devices endored by Googe that runs a simple, fresh and secure expereince.

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