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Game Trick | How to Restore Lives on Candy Crush Saga [Candy Crush Unlimited Lives]

Candy Crush Saga is one of the popular game that everyone love to play especially ladies, when you see them busy with phone then you should be able to guess right that they are playing Candy Crush. Candy Crush is popular like country music that everyone love to sing, It has been downloaded more than 500 millions times across three platforms and was the most downloaded app on the App store. Candy Crush is designed to be user friendly with good graphical interface to attract user, I think that's why it is popular and it has no age restriction neither gender discrimination , everyone can play it.

With all the good features of this Candy Crush game yet it is not perfect if you are Candy Crush fanatic you understand what am talking about. Some people believe in using moded APK downloaded from unknown source but looking into security aspect of it , downloading from unknown source maybe risky affecting your phone better you can manage these method that will be listed below;

Method 1: Change Date & Time

It is very simple to understand, play your game as you normally play , As soon as you run out of lives, close the game and go to your device’s Settings.
Then go to Date & Time settings. Now depending on the device you have, go to Settings >> Advanced Settings.

In the Date & Time settings, toggle off the Automatic date & time option if it is turned on.
Now tap on Set time and set your device’s clock three hours ahead.

Go back and launch Candy Crush Saga again. Let the game load but do not play it yet. You will be setting your device’s date & time back to the original time. You just need to let the game load and apply your lives. Make sure you wait for a minute or two and that you have a working internet connection.

Now go back to the Date & Time settings and toggle on the Automatic date & time option. This will change your device’s date & time settings to the correct date & time.

You can now play Candy Crush Saga again until you run out of the newly replenished lives. At which point you can repeat the steps just the same way.

Method 2: Clear app data

For this method to work, make sure you have logged into the game via Facebook so that your progress is synced to the cloud.
When you run out of lives, go to Settings >> Apps >> Candy Crush Saga >> Storage >> Clear data.

Now relaunch the game and log in with your Facebook account to restore your progress.
You’ll notice that even as your progress is restored, so your lives.

If you actually did that then you should be able to enjoy more lives on Candy Crush though this is not the right solution but for those user that love to play this game and this is much better than begging for new lives. And far more better than downloaded APK from unknown source to avoid taking unnecessary risk that may cause damage to your phone.

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