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How to Check the Status of your National Identity Card Online

You dont have to waste your money or risk life traveling from one location to another to confirm whether your National Identity Card ready or not if you have enrolled for it long while ago via NIMC, because some are not currently in the location where they enroll for there for their ID card so in order to safe time and unnecessary spending , it has been brought to your door step to check the status of your National ID Card via online platform if it is ready for pick up or not and has been dispatched to an Activation Center.

Please you dont have to pay anyone for that , you can check directly from your device so far you are connected to the internet.

You just have some steps to follow and you are there, make sure you have your slip (print out from NIMC)is close to you becasue spelling name wrongly might not give you accurate result or probably not found in the database. That is, name must be spelt exactly as you have it on your slip.

Where to check your status?

You can check below for clearer picture

As soon as you click on the link above you will navigated to need page showing the above picture then Click to Proceed in order to complete your check up.

When you get to this page , then Input your First Name, Last Name and National Identification Number in the box provided and click on Check Now

Dont hesitate to share and also leave comment in the right box below for any complain, idea or contributions.

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