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How to Configure your Privacy Settings on Google Account

Google account is one of the secured account with good security backup, this features is included to provide maximum security to the user and avoid the recent decade problem about account being hacked or stumble on. In the recent time the number of security lapses recorded was high to an extent of Google not being able to rest their head on the couch though it's not easy but at last they have come to secure your personal info & privacy.

With this features you decide which privacy setting that are right for you , and also control your personal information. With these settings you can manage what info you keep private, and what data is saved to your account to improve your Google experience.

> Privacy Checkup
Under this feature you'll be able to make a review check your privacy if it is in order and if not you'll be able to adjust them to your preferences.

> My Activity
Here you will be able to control all the recent activities and monitor how your data are being managed, For example, you will be able to check all the activities carried out on your account like search and YouTube watch and any other activities related to Google service.

Four (4) Main Steps to Control your Privacy
 Where to Configure Your Privacy Settings
>>> Your Personal Info
Your personal info is very important to be kept away from third party to avoid unauthorized access to your account. You must be able to manage this basic information properly, your name, email, and phone number to help others find you on Google products like Hangouts, Gmail, and Maps, and make it easier to get in touch.

>>> Manage Your Google Activity
This feature helps you decide how to make Google services work better for you.
Activity controls : Tell Google which types of data you’d like to save to improve your Google experience.

Review activity: Here’s where you can find and easily review your Google recent activity.

>>> Ads Settings
Here you control the information Google uses to show you ads.

>>> Control your content
Here you can control your Google Account content, even if you stop using Google products or decide to delete your account altogether.

> Download or transfer your content
Copy the content in your account at any time, for use in another service or account

> Assign an account trustee
Approve a family member or friend to download some of your account content in the event it is left unattended for an amount of time you've specified.

In conclusion, privacy and security is very important to be taking care of on your account, check personal info and privacy time to time to keep your account safe, and lastly dont login from third party device in order to prevent unauthorized access and if login eventually make sure you logout and clear cookies to be on the safe side.

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