Blackberry embrace Android as they propose to release BlackBerry's water-resistant Motion - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Blackberry embrace Android as they propose to release BlackBerry's water-resistant Motion

One of the features that always entice customer in smartphone is design before they talking about the configuration. In the early 2000s blackberry has being the trending smartphone not until Android came on board edging out blackberry.

Recently whatsapp discontinue the agreement before blackberry restricting some versions of blacberry from using whatsapp except latest upgraded version of blackberry that arw allow to you whatsapp.

Now blackberry has emulate and embrace the Andriod design by designing BlackBerry's water-resistant Motion with all Android features including the operating system. If you have ever seen KeyOne you will be impress that blackberry is coming back to his first glory.

BlackBerry secret leaked as they propose to design BlackBerry's water-resistant Motion that will pack virtual keys though never confirmed yet, just coming as a rumour.According to tweet from Blass that apart from having a proper design there are some attractive features which will entice customers.he handset everyone was referring to as the "Krypton" is reportedly dubbed BlackBerry Motion. 

He said "We can't say that the name change comes as much of a surprise, seeing as the KeyOne also had a different title (Mercury) during its prototype stage."

The handset is rumored to arrive this month. Although, if past examples like the BlackBerry KeyOne Black edition are any indication, TCL could be releasing the Motion in some markets first before bringing it worldwide.Stay alert as blackberry surprise you with there latest up coming device which entails numerous features to attract customers. 

We love to see more rumour or leaked secret on the upcoming blackberry design, feel free to drop it into the box or inbox if you want it appear on our blog.

Source : Evan Blass

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