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How to stylishly start conversation with client about money and payment as a freelancer

As a professional you don't start conversation with client talking about money, it proves kind of person you'd going to be, what should be on your mind is how to satisfy customer or client with your maximum service, money is good anyway but should not be the first target, it always makes customer or client loose interest and trust.

As a freelancer you have to compose yourself on how to relate with client, though not all are equipped or confident having money conversation with client yet you have to present yourself original and paint yourself in bright colour.

How to sell yourself to client (Your Busness)

  • Composition and presentation matters

Whether you operate online or offline you learn how to compose and present yourself as a character. Some people has good product but they lack marketing strategy and one of the key is composition and presentation. As a freelancer you talk about money after the neccessary dsicusion telling the client about your services and products in stock.

  • Bring up payments in the contract stage

As you on-board a new client, you will, of course, discuss your fees. But you might not get around to mentioning when payments are due. Do you require payment in advance of work, or after completion? Do you charge additional fees for extra edits or work required beyond the scope of the project? Here you have to make known to the client about terms and conditions, including the penalty fees for any late payment.
  • Make the policy clear on invoices

Let’s just assume that your client will never again look at that contract once he’s signed it, so consider each invoice you send as a gentle reminder of when you want to get paid. If you want to be paid within 10 business days of the invoice being sent, put that in your invoice template so it’s always there.
  • Be firm but polite

You may have your own past-due invoices keeping you up at night, but never, ever show how desperate you are to get paid. If a client hasn’t paid by your deadline, send the invoice again with “Reminder: this invoice now/past due.” Usually that will be enough to spur action from your client.
  • Make seal up agreement

Don't be desperate to start work without a reasonable seal up agreement with client in order to avoid embarrassment and argument. Also make sure you provide the best at your side and if possible you can collect half payment before you start and make sure you get all pay before you deliver the work to client, most especially when you are providing online services when you have your client scatter abroad , how will you locate them so be careful making the last decision working with client.

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