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iOS 11 helps you block SMS spam or Unwanted messages

Every features of iOS 11 seems to be very interesting and useful, even there are still many unveil features that most people aren't aware of , these another feature from Apples that comes with iOS 11 which enable you to block spam or unwanted message delivering to your phone.

Receiving spams maybe be to many reason , most of the network provider always have interfering issue which my lead to receiving wrong persons info. Another instances is that if someone lost his or her sim for more than one year network provider reconnect the sim card and sell out to another person which might also cause little differences. And noted instance is that some people some people uses it as an avenue to carry out fraudulent activities like sending message to the sim owner to divulge his or her company information or any private information.

If you are having this kind of issue with your iPhone latest iOS version then you have no problem again, abandoning or disposing your sin card is not an option.

You could easily do this in iOS 9 but on iOS 10 that method stopped working. Your only option was to disable notifications for these messages manually. That’s quite a tiring task, but with iOS 11, third-party apps can help you get the job done quite easily.

There are many software from the App store that can do this work for you but you hav to be careful choosing the app if you like privacy, here I have three apps that will be good for you.

SMS Shield
These SMS shield is paid app written in good algorithm which allows you to block spam messages both manually and using its own machine learning algorithms. SMS Shield worked quite well for us overall and blocked more spam texts than other apps.

SMS Checker
SMS Checker is a free app if you just want to block texts manually via keywords.The app makes it very easy to create a whitelist and a blacklist, with multiple toggles for custom keywords in the message or in the name of the sender.

VeroSMS is a free app that lets you block spam messages via targeted keywords.

How to block SMS spam on iOS 11
These steps will help you block spam texts on iOS 11:
  • Download an SMS spam blocking app (we’ve mentioned our favourites below).
  • Go to Settings >>> Messages.
  • Under Message Filtering, tap Unknown & Spam.
  • Under SMS Filtering, select the spam blocking app you want to use.

This is all you need to know for now , if there is any update then it room for editing and keep you posting.

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