Samsung unveiled its brand new Galaxy Note 8 this month - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Samsung unveiled its brand new Galaxy Note 8 this month

In pevious post I made it know that Samsung has slashed the price of Galaxy s8+ to un-imaginable price, now the gap between 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage (Galaxy S8+ ) and 4GB of RAM and 64GB (Galaxy S8+ ) have reduced.

Samsung is here again latest new brand of Galaxy Note 8, this is new phone in the market which was this week to compete with other smartphones in the market and also to put behind the late release Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, I guess this was unveil to solve the current battery problem that Galaxy Note 7 fiasco do have overtime.

It has emerged that the new model has a 3300mAh battery capacity which is smaller than the problematic 3500mAh capacity of Galaxy 7 which has caused so much trouble last year.

"Samsung has now stated that this was a deliberate decision to prevent accidents caused by cramming a large battery into a small space with no room to expand when hot. Samsung says that battery life should not be lower because its new 10nm processors are more power efficient".

Launching Galaxy Note 8 has actually shifted the focus on Galaxy S9 though it is regarded to be rumours for now because no reliable fact coming from Samsung and if there is then is going to be unveil soon so stay connected.

In the tips (rumours) is stated that galaxy 8 is going to come with dual rear cameras much like the ones on the Note 8. Samsung is coming like an heavy rain whether this year or next year as they are still working on how to embed fingerprint under a phone's display glass but no green light of it coming with Galaxy S9 if at all is going to be release but might comes with the propose Galaxy Note 9 late next year. We will update you as soon as possible as no configurations and specifications have been release about the upcoming phone.

The best is still coming from Samsung as they keep improving on how to satisfy user for the best.

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