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WhatsApp Added Another Interesting Features “Delete for Everyone” To Delete sent Messages

In one of the recent posts I discussed how to clone your WhatsApp on pc or how to spy on third party account, but today I have good news for you, as one of the features that many people have been expecting from WhatsApp roll out. Though the rumour have being in cycle for many months not until now that the implementation is effective, now am happy to tell you that you can now delete message sent to people before it delivers even when it delivers you can still download.

These “Delete for Everyone” features has started rolling out on some user Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone apps. It only works if both the recipient and sender have the latest version of WhatsApp installed, the site notes, and it also works on Web version.

How to use WhatsApp 'Delete for Everyone' feature
The report says that it will be called 'Delete for Everyone' and several users have started noticing the feature in the latest WhatsApp version when they press the trash icon. Alongside Delete for Everyone, users will also see the Delete for Me option, if they only want to delete the message from their phone.

You don’t have to worry if the feature is not showing yet on your WhatsApp as it will take some times before it roll out to many users, and as stated above these features will only work properly on both parties end if they are using latest WhatsApp version. The feature is said to work for all kinds of messages on the most widely used instant messaging app. The report says it will work for all texts, images, videos, GIFs, voice messages, contact, files, location, quoted message, and status replies on WhatsApp.

If you are conversant with WhatsApp you will notice 'delete' feature added which enable you to delete some of your secret conversation which you don’t want third party to know, now these “Delete For Everyone” will now replace the current feature “Delete” which will allow you to delete sent message within 7 minute and after that, it can’t be cancel and permanently deliver. For those unaware, the recall feature is already available in other popular chat apps like Telegram, Viber, and others, and WhatsApp is finally looking to make it available to its billion daily active users as well.

Finally, these feature will starting showing on your whatsapp very soon but some users won’t be able to enjoy these features, according to report if you are Symbian user your sent messages cannot be deleted as soon as you tap send.

  • WhatsApp at the moment does not recall a message contained in a quoted message.
  • Messages cannot be deleted for everyone if they are sent in a broadcast list.
  • It also adds that messages will not be deleted on the Symbian app
I believe this is very interesting indeed as many users have been longing to see this features, many questions over question finally you have it. But presently you might not still be able to enjoy the feature properly so those users will continue to see the recalled message. And for now the current implementation do not notify users that the message have been deleted so as soon as you delete just relax it is settle , maybe later in the upgrade the feature will be included to keep users notified as soon as it is cancelled

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