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How to Rock on Glo bulk 180GB Data Plan as Xmas Bonus Offer

If you are business type that consumes more data then these data plan is for you, I think this is unveiled as the christmas bonus offer to all customers that would love to enjoy the best during the festival. 
No more complaint about not being able to launch onto youtube to stream or download stuff. All you need to do is to activate the bulk Data plan to keep rocking on internet.. This is one of it kind as no one can tell precisely when it last just grab it today. 
If you are real Glo customer and you followed the trend , recently Glo introduce Free Youtube Video streaming plans which everyone embrace and appreciate until these came up to burst the head of others.

Talking about data plans Glo is the best providing affordable data plan which launch many people into internet to surf as they want, though they are still lacking behind in terms of data network and speed, poor connection nearly in  all locations in Nigeria but base on the tirelessly effort putting in place i think they'll give the best for people to enjoy

Glo Twitter account report
Heavy user? we've got an unbeatable plan for. It's 180GB of data for N20000 only with new #GloDataUnmatched plan #GloUnfairAdvantage Dial *777#
-Glo (@GloWorld) Novemeber 22, 2017

These plan works on all devices from Android, iOS, Windows as long as your device is internet enabled.

How to Subscribe for 180GB

To Subscribe Now
Dial *777# then follow the pop up screen to launch into the platform 
Press 1, then follow by 2 (for monthly plan)
Select the amount of Data plan or select 6 and then 7 to subscribe for 180GB
Dont wait for the other testimonies before you join the trend, Glo is the best Data Network for your intenet service. 

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