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Three methods to share or transfer data on GLo Network to family and friends

If you are heavy data user or business person that always feed on huge data then going for Glo huge 180GB with a token price will be the best , I talked about these in one of the recent post on how to enjoy 180GB data plan for just 20k. But that's not the main post today just a little diversion for the purpose of those that haven't read about the recent article. 

Today I want to share these though its not new but I have to post for the benefit of new Glo users, hope you are aware that you can share your data with family like sharing with friends and lovers, for example when you run out of data and no where to go ,  you have someone using Glo data around you , you can ask the person to share with you, these is different from sharing data over WiFi.

How to share Glo data
These can be done in 3 ways depending on the easiest one you decide to use;

1. If you buy using *777# , you have few steps to follow to accomplish your data transfer
Dial *777# then follow the screen pop up
select 1 >> then select 3 and  also 1 if you want to share or 2 to unshare. Finally you put your number and send.

2. Using SMS method
Go to your message and type share (space) then reciepeint number and send to 127 just as simple as that 

check here Share 08112023288 to 127 , don't make mistake that's my number lol

3. Using USSD method
To make your data transfer or share via USSD code just dial *127*01* Recipient No#

check here , dial *127*01*08112023288# very simple

How to check the number of users eating up your data 
Two way to check here, dial *127*00# or send List to 127 via message

How to remove User
Dial *127*02* User No#

check here:  *127*02* 08112023288#


Go to message and send Roove (space) user no to 127

How to check balance
Dial *127*0# or send info to 127 via SMS.

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