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Do you have Smart TV? Learn How to Connect to Internet

Every 21st century devices are now becoming smarter even smartest as you can now connect your TV set to internet with and without Wi-FI inbuilt function. Some TV set have Wi-Fi inbuilt function while some were not, for those TV set without Wi-Fi function you can now connect using cable to the internet and you have a perfect communication.

Smart TV are set of TVs that communicate with internet and allow you to do numerous things on internet. For example you can play games online , watch movies, browse the web and many more.

Some companies use smart TV as monitor for their CPU transmitting through cable so the world is dabbling into advanced technology whereby internet will take over.

How to connect your smart TV to internet without Wi-Fi
This is very simple, no more complain about not being able to connect to internet from your TV, whether the TV comes with sans in-built Wi-Fi or not it can be connected to the internet using mirroring, what do it mean?

Mirroring is method use to transmit or transfer content showing on your smartphone to TV screen.Essentially what you need to do is mirror content from your internet-connected smartphone to the big screen TV

What do you need?
  • Connection 
  • Android or tablet with 4.4.2 and above 

If you try that and it doesn't work, we have several devices that can still do the same work for you, you can always connect devices like Chromecast to cast content from your smartphone to your TV. Other than Chromecast, Remember here that you don't need a smart TV to stream Netflix or YouTube. There are number of devices that can connect to your TV and do this job for you.

Smart TVs are capable of doing many thing that we could not imagine though this is hidden from newbie or novice except you are into technology. 

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