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Google Reveal Highest Ranked Search Content for 2017

Google has made research to know the mind of their user as they made research to know the highest Rank search content (keywords) from users for 2017, these will enable them to know the next plan of action on how to satisfy users base on purchasing decisions.

The list of the ranked content search words were listed based on statistics, it is recorded that iPhone 8 and iPhone X ranked very high taking the lead with Number two and Three respectively in overall searches on Google this year in the ranking hierarchy and also number one and two in the consumer tech search category.

Next ranked is Bitcoin Number two in global news searches and the search key word "how to buy bitcoin", ranked number three among how to search on Google.
Also the popular Nintendo, Samsung Galaxy S8, and Xbox One X were third, fourth and fifth most frequently used consumer tech search terms.
The above listed are based on the search terms with high traffic recorded for 2017 compared to 2016, it’s really a huge success recorded for this year hoping to do more and meet users mind.

Some Few Thoughts
Nintendo has really proven that they have a unique ability to bring concepts back from dead because they the so called Nintendo Switch "looks like a cripple table in that it doesn't support things most tablets do, but like a dedicated gaming device but they have done so great as far as this year is concern.
Some stuffs expected to rank this year are not actually doing fine like Lenovo which is expected to came out before Xbox X though it came out so late yet it has high search volume to have move it ahead of any other smartphones.
AR headset is another latest devices that works with some iPhones and Android phones, and is selling very well looking forward to have it on the list by next year.
"Bitcoin has been hyped tremendously in the press as everything from the next universal currency to a hedge against government debt default," Frost's Jude said. "It's no wonder that the general public is starting to take notice."

Interest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is surging, and various commentators and investors predict bitcoin's price could close in on the $1 million mark.

The Chicago Board Options Exchange launched trading in bitcoin futures Dec. 10 with the ticker symbol "XBT." Trading was halted twice that day as the futures surged.

The CBOE's bitcoin futures fell 10 percent Wednesday, triggering a two-minute halt to trading.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange will launch bitcoin futures trading on Dec. 17.

"Stories of people starting with (US)$100 of bitcoin and ending up multi-millionaires likely contributed to the massive feeding frenzy on the cryptocurrency right now," Enderle suggested. "Anything that looks like a valid get-rich-quick path will almost always get a lot of attention."

I think is big yes, expecting bitcoin to take the lead again and again because everyone will want to make more money.

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