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How to download Instagram stories (picture and Video) like a zip file from computer

Instagram is one of the lively and interesting platform that many people love to rock, almost all smartphones have Instagram before is media based platform that allow sharing of pictures and video with followers. Though is a good platform but not to compare to Facebook, if we're to look into similarities, they have some few common features like sharing live video and having followers but it’s mainly for media.

Today you are going to learn new thing, how to watch Instagram stories anonymously from your pc using chrome extension features, this is very simple you just have to read through the post.

Doing these is very simple just some few steps to accomplish it, first thing to do is to add Google Chrome extension after which you can follow the other steps to guide you through.

  • I believe you have chrome browser on your computer if yes then you are good but if no you need to download and install because the feature will be install as an extension on the chrome.
  • After the installation open your browser to configure your browser, I said you need chrome extension where you can add Instagram feature, click here for chrome IG story to navigate to extension and download adding to chrome.

  • After adding this extension to chrome browser, you notice the icon at the top right hand side close to the address bar, then log in to Instagram account ( for the add-on to work properly else it won’t function.

  • Then click on the icon to see all the stories and from there you can also download like a zip folder containing the story (pictures and video). This is the method you can use to download stuffs from Instagram and also watch video anonymously.

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