Huawei P11 skeleton looks which likely to be released February 2018 and most like Samsung Galaxy 9 - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Huawei P11 skeleton looks which likely to be released February 2018 and most like Samsung Galaxy 9

Huawei phone is among the trending phone for 2017, and they are looking forward to bring the best for 2018. Another skeleton look for Huawei P11 have been design to be an advance technology over P10. It’s likely to be out in the next 12 month though they have not concluded on that but hoping to  launch on or before the stipulated time, is going to come with standard flagship likely to be one of the first to break cover.

Reporting from Huawei Christmas event in Germany by the boards and representatives hinting that we'll see the new P11 flagship during first quarter of 2018, which is going to be end of February.

For now in the press released, these two phones will be launched early 2018, Huawei and Samsung. Samsung promised to come out in new dimension with the Samsung Galaxy S9 though the look is not released but is going to superb, everyone like the predecessor S8 which trend viral in the market even up till now and hoping to do more than expected.

Huawei and Samsung have being on competing platform as they release their products a month interval to each other hoping to do the same this time around. Last year March Samsung launch Galaxy S8 in an even at Mobile World Congress not in the same event but that’s competition power. Let see who takes the lead this time.

Why Huawei P11?
Quandt also say the focus of the upcoming Huawei P11 is going to be on cameras and Ai, which is unsurprising because they did it in the past and still expecting the trend to continue.

Huawei made much of both the photography tricks and integrated artificial features available on its most recent handset, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, and we'd expect that trend to continue.

We're hoping for best coming from Huawei and Samsung for 2018.

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