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Microsoft Highlight New Features of their Invention, Cortana , Office AI and Search Benefits

The world keep moving like a speed of light, to compete you need to make available most latest technologies, these is not just a saying a fat that can never be compromise. Last week Wednesday Microsoft announced new artificial intelligent features and functionality for several of its flagship products and services released in an even held in San Francisco. Some of the mentioned products and services were office 365, Cortana and Bing which many of us have been noticing on our latest windows.

These have been a strategic plan over years which is just coming to stay and the integration purpose of AI over the past years is to help users perform increasingly complex and complicated tasks.
AI has come a long way in the ability to find information, but making sense of that information is the real challenge," said by a partner design and planning program manager with Microsoft's Artificial Intelligence and Research group.

Have you noticed these recently on your window?
This is an integration from Microsoft to allow you search through your windows both online and offline, when you click on search you'd going to see pop from Cortana or you press Cortana in your search , that’s latest integration.
Latest coming from Microsoft is that Virtual assistant Cortana will get an upgrade as well soon, allowing it to make use of machine r­­­­­­eading comprehension to summarize search results. For example maybe you don’t know the exact search word to use , when you type you type your sentence Cortana will help you to summarize and bring out the answer for you , that will be a great integration from Microsoft.

Cortana also will be able to short through a user's emails to identify the most important ones and even read them aloud during a commute, for example. Use of that functionality will extend to emails from multiple accounts, including on competing services such Gmail.

Cortana also has been enhanced with skill chaining allowing it to suggest additions to one's calendar after tickets have been booked.

Have you seen these also ?
Office AI
Microsoft announced improvements in AI integration with its office 365 tools as well. The spreadsheet program EXCEL, for example will employ machine learning as a way to analyze data and predict trends via pivot tables and charts. The new AI tool also will be able to extract insights from smaller sets data.

Search Benefits
Bing users will get more personalized answers, Microsoft said, such as restaurant recommendations based on travel destinations, or a greater variety of answers to offer different perspectives on a topic.

AI guidance might help users figure out the exact questions they want to ask if their search queries are too vague to deliver meaningful results.

Bing will utilize visual search as a way to help people seek information about items or objects in photos. This functionality will comprise the use of object recognition along with machine reading comprehension.

Kudos to Microsoft for the new inventions coming from them, indeed to compete with the business world new bunch of technologies is needed to be in update, it enhances the relevancy, expecting more from your company.

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