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Airtel 4G LTE Network will soon start working Nigeria

Airtel network is one of the strong network in Nigeria and over the year have being a lots of improvement on their service most especially their data plans. 

Recently Airtel came out with porting service that allow user to migrate from any network to Airtel network and we think many people enjoyed these not until some days ago that the service was opt-out though we've made another alternative available for those people that want to stay connected.

Source: prexblog

Very soon you will have 4G LTE network service working on all internet enabled devices, you can see the proof below. They have been working to make it working before the middle of this year, it seems is still under construction, as MTN, Glo and 9mobile has launched their 4G LTE since last year, we're anticipating to have Airtel 4G LTE network working.

These 4G LTE network will be super fast when it comes to internet grooving and maximum downloading speed.

To see this service, go to Setting >> Mobile >> Network >> Search Networks, you will be able to see the list of network available though it seems is still under construction but will soon be available to everyone on the network. 

Remember this service would not be able to work on some device if it is not 4G LTE enable so to enjoy these service you need high-end 4G LTE network enabled device, mean while we are not sure if the network will need SIM upgrade just like other networks. We're waiting to see it working 

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