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App Updates: Most Apps in Store Will Now Support 2-Factor Authentication

Google new policy is now coming to stay as most apps in store will now support 2-Factor Authentication. Google sees security as a priority, early last year the new policy was implemented to keep all account protected. 


With any of the Google account you now have maximum security , so no fear of your account being hijack or hacked by any third party. Google has different accounts as we know which are ; Google+, Gmail, Drive etc. Recently Google notify all users to update their privacy policy under settings to keep to work the authentication factor.

Don't forget internet is a wide and dangerous place, so you have too be careful of where to login to, nevertheless you cant do without internet even if you are not using browser you still have the other apps working. So the best way to protect your account is using two-factor authentication (2FA) to give you maximum protection.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) maybe annoying at time but you can now use fingerprint instead to secure your app, we have Access Bank App using fingerprint verification and is working perfectly, very soon most popular apps in store will start using as Authy implemented fingerprint authentication.

Authy is a handy way to manage your 2FA codes because it syncs between devices. The tokens are backed up in the cloud, but they're encrypted. You need a key to access the tokens after syncing to a new device. After that, anyone can just open up your app and see the auth codes, unless you secure it. That's where the fingerprint option comes into play. 

You can join the Play Store beta program to get access to the fingerprint option right now (or grab it from APK Mirror). To set it up, you need to create a PIN for Authy in the settings (this part isn't new). Then, you get the option to unlock with a fingerprint instead. Once enabled, Authy will always ask for your fingerprint when opening, but you can use the PIN as well.

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