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How to protect bitcoin mining script on mobile or desktop browser from eating up your battery

The world is diving into cryptocurrency, it has being the general headline in news and blogs and still trending up to date so if you haven't join the billionaire world then ask how to join today. 

We think cryptocurrency is what we need to change the economic state of some countries most especially in Nigeria though so many are full of fear when it comes to investment online but the fact is without risk no gain.

Recently GTBank dabbled into crypto world in order to help their customers and to change economic status of many willing customers. Hope you have heard about GT Coin? GT coin is one of the recent added service from GTBank to bring world close to customers and to reward then using 737 code or GTBank app. 

Cryptocurrency uses bitcoin technology in mining coins and this have being in existence for many years ago but still very young in Nigeria, so its very cool way to make money , note that this is very different from ponzi scheme or whatever scheme. 

It was noticed recently that mining from smartphone and computer always slow, run warm and even run down battery when its not plugged to the outlet, if you noticed this kind of issue we will recommend to you latest opera, opera has added protection against cryptocurrency minng script to its desktop products. Some days ago the company has also announced that it is launching the feature in all its mobile browsers.

“When you browse the web, there are no visual clues that your device is exposed to mining,” says Jan Standal, VP Product Marketing at Opera “A single webpage you visit can take up to 4.5 hours of your battery time, if you keep the tab open. This often turns out to be just the battery time you needed to use a ride-hailing app or check the map to get home”.

According to some reports, there are currently more than 3 million websites exposed to cryptojacking, so the need for extra protection is bigger than ever. By blocking mining scripts, Opera ensures that its users’ smartphones continue to run smoothly and that they have enough battery life for the things they really want or need to be doing.

How does it work?
The new anti-cryptocurrency mining feature is activated by default when activating the ad blocker on Opera Mini and Opera for Android. The ad blocker can be enable in “Settings”, and it will automatically detect and stop the mining scripts written into the coding of a webpage.

How to check whether your browser is affected or not 
Remember their no notification features included to tell you that your browser is affected so on this note opera has made it easy for you to check by visiting their website from mobile or desktop browser.

This have been tested and we think it is working perfectly, after the test we discovered that it saves battery and restore back the CPU usage to 100%, we believe this is awesome and helpful, if you are confused abut cryptocurrency feel free to contact but the fact is many people are making cool money.

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