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IMO Messenger has 500 million downloads on Google Play Store

IMO app is one of the instant messenger app design with user friendliness, it gives you platform to connect with friends and family and also allow you to share pictures and videos. 

IMO messenger is just like any other instant messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram where you can reach your friend and family with easy. It is design with simple interface with no data consumption.


I think IMO is now doing great on Google Play Store compare to years back. IMO is now having over 500 million downloads on Google Store with (4,257,853 users) rated. Is improving faster than Telegram though some users prefer Telegram to IMO with personal reasons, but they all have close features.

According to report from Androidpolice, Imo was launched by former Googlers way back in 2010, and its claim to fame was offering an instant messaging platform that gathered all of your other messaging accounts in one place.

But with the rise of challengers like WhatsApp, Skype pulling its access, and the "technical headaches" of supporting all these disparate services, Imo ended its support for third-party platforms in 2014. As reported by Harry McCracken at the time, Imo trudged on ahead to focus on its own network for text-based chatting and video calls.

Though seemed to have completely dropped off the radar, the service has been growing steadily for years. According to AndroidRank, the Imo Android app does particularly well in countries such as Singapore, India, Sweden, Russia, and ranks number 2 in the communications category in Bangladesh.

Now you have the best of IMO so you can download from the store anytime adding to it current rank , remember we have over 500 million downloads already. 

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