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Latest Google Chrome Version blocks unwanted ads browser navigation

The updated version of chrome is now making sense as they include unwanted ads navigation features to prevent user data from being wasted. Some ads might be annoyingg poping -up for as many times as possible and this may cause distractions, at times it occupy CPU memory whereby causes it to slow down.


As we earlier said this new feature will stop Ads that break out from the frame and intend to navigate or open in another tab to redirect users to another sites where you see messages like your devices has virus and call to action.

See Third-Party redirection test statement:

The browser should block the redirection and prompt to allow bypassing the intervention.

That requires the redirection to be targeting a third party origin. Clone this repository and host it somewhere for the demo to work

TODO: Make it with a python/node script or android app that would spawn servers on different ports.

These new change included is to block some Ads navigation from browser unless it matches the current page URL.

Also Google chrome has changed its default navigation bar colors from black to white. Specifically, this will prevent burning-in of the navigation icons on OLED displays.This absolutely new changes on Google chrome, if you have not install do that now to have the better experience.

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