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OnePlus Provides Switching Mode, Learn How To Do That

Hope you are aware of OnePlus providing switching device where you can update and also restore to previous version. This is different from factory or format so don't mis-choose with switcher. 

This is an app design by OnePlus to migrate from Old to new device and vice versa, This app is compatible with Android devices ruining lollipop and higher version.

source: android police
Let quickly talk about the back up because its of important before you run your migration, in case you have reason to restore your stuffs then you have it. Google has provide an easy steps to back-up and restore your devices at anytime and we have different steps to do that though many other smartphone designer has their own back up devices like 
Pixel, iPhone etc, you can check play store to download back up tools.

We have auto-backup feature by Google which help you to copy apps and content including settings but only works on Android 6.0 plus.

OnePlus can be installed on Android 5.0 and latest version , with this you will be able to  transfer contacts, SMS messages, call logs, calendars, photos, videos, audio, and apps (but no app data). OnePlus says it will soon support transferring Wi-Fi history, camera settings, app data, and more.

OnePlus app is available on play store or from here , just install on phone to exploit, 

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