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Porting Made Easy Across To All Networks In Nigeria

Porting in Nigeria is now made easy to any network of your choice, I think porting is no more a strange word to you, recently a post was published right here on how to port to Airtel line but today we have different topic, let get going.

Today, we have simple steps to port across any networks in Nigeria, either in or out. Presently we have 4 strong network provider in Nigeria, which are ; Glo, MTN, Airtel, 9mobile.

Migrating from one network operator to another is simple referred to as Mobile Number Portability. There are many situation that might warrant you porting in or out of a particular network to another, which are; high tariff rate, poor network coverage , Low data allocation/ High cost of data etc.

So if you are facing any of the problem listed above then you have option to port in onto another network to enjoy better and stable data network. Porting allow you to switch to good tariff or network of your your choice, and allow you to migrate back old network when ever you want to but it will take 90days after last migration.

Note: As soon as a particular line is ported in to another line, the old SIM Number will die off i.e stop working temporarily until the old number is port out of the new number.

Assuming you want to port onto another network operator like from MTN to Airtel, the MTN is the (donor) while the Airtel you are porting to, is the (recipient). So, the recipient (Airtel) will issue you a new SIM card but you will still retain your MTN mobile number.

It is advisable to backup your contacts, leave no call credit or data on the number you want to port other wise it will be wiped off.

Don't Be Confuse When you See;

Port InMeans you are joining a new service provider.
Port Out – You are leaving a service provider.
Donor – The service provider you are porting from.
Recipient – The new service provider you are porting onto.
Subscriber – The customers that owns the SIM to be ported.

Note: If you are porting from MTN to Glo, you need to visit the Glo outlet because its the recipient and Vice versa.

Are You Ready To Port To Another Network?
#1: Go to or visit any nearest recipient (i.e the network you’re porting onto) point of sales such as high street store, office, friendship centre, corporate sales team or authorized dealers, to request for MNP.

#2: When you get get to the office, you’ll be given MNP request form to fill and you must have a valid proof of identity with a visible photograph such as Voter’s card, Student ID cards, Driver’s license or any valid ID card. Make sure the SIM is active and registered and you should be able to provide the SIM serial number.

#3: After that, a new SIM will be issued to you and registered at that place or office and you’ll be informed to send “PORT” to “3232” as text message and if you fail to send the text SMS message, your porting request will fail.

#4: Now, your request will be forwarded by the recipient to NPC (Number Portability Clearing House) where it will be approved and validated. If validation is OK, you’ll be informed as the SIM will be activated.

After activation, your (donor) old number will still remain the same and you’ll be billed according to the default tariff plan of your new recipient or new network provider.

That is all you need to know about porting your number to another network, mean while this is different from call divert. You find this helpful if yes then feel free to share and leave your comment in the comment box.

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