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Smartphones 2018 | Nokia 3310 4G is now running on Android

Do you remember Nokia 3310 phone? Nokia 3310 was one of the trending phone in the early 2000, it was the first set of phone released and mostly used by the rich people as at then until later that it suddenly disappear from the market like a ghost but now coming back strong with new features.

Don't be surprise when you see Nokia 3310 in the market but you are seeing new features entirely, could you believe Nokia 3310 ruining Android? This is real and you'd going to enjoy more from Nokia. They are switching to suit the 21st century requirement.


The phone has been confirmed to be Nokia 3310 4G after receiving a certification in China. The phone will have support for 4G LTE. 

It was recently spotted on Tenna and Prexblog the images and the operating system of the phone was revealed, said to run on Yun-OS – an Android-based operating system from China’s Alibaba.

Though the launching date and price hasn't be revealed yet due to some reason even the specification is still very scarce, hopefully before the end of this year we have the new phone circulated in the market.

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