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Telegram X Is Now Available in Store As An Alternative to Normal Telegram App

We are hoping that Telegram is going to be like WhatsApp though they have been trying but not yet there. Many users have burst out their minds on the both WhatsApp and Telegram but up till now the conclusion have not being reached as Telegram are now getting improved on there apps.

Telegram is one of the popular instant messaging in store that allow you to send/share photos, video and other documents with friends and family, with Telegram you can also make both voice and video call to friends just on a click.


Recently the song has change as Telegram have acquired it and change the name to Telegram X, should in case you see something like Telegram X in store , no qualms you are still on the right track. Telegram X includes all the basic messaging features from the regular Telegram app but there are a few experimental features to make the app standard and unique.

Let's quickly talk about the latest Telegram app, it is built to be noticeably faster and smother than the main normal Telegram app which you have known for long, different features and function entirely. The animations and graphic are really impressive and best.

You can also long-press on conversation to get a pop-up preview. This app is fully loaded with features honestly, Night mode is also included with text size configuration. 

Note: Telegram X is compatible with all your devices.

If you are iPhone user , just go to Apple Store and search for Telegram X at the search bar and install, very simple. 

This app is fully loaded and interesting to use, some users have attest to it, so you can download and install through the direct link provided to exploit and give your review on it.

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