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You have the First 5G Technology Launched by MTN

MTN are trying in term of the network coverage but they aren't there when it comes to data allocation. A lot of complaint have been coming from MTN user about their data price compare to the data allocation but recently they releases new plans believing that it will solve the correct complain issues.

Today the news reaching from the official page is that they have release first 5G Technology which is 100 times faster than the former 4G. 4G technology is one of the enjoyed service with good downloading speed even though the network is limited to some locations and also depending on phone makes, so if you aren't able to enjoy 4G then you need to upgrade because we have 5G technology coming to stay.

MTN said in a statement on Monday that it has achieved the highest download speed on a mobile network which is 20 gigabits per second in its first trial of fifth-generation technology (5G).

He also stated that it could not deploy 5G commercially until it had access to additional frequency spectrum. 

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa, which regulates spectrum, has not yet allocated spectrum for 4G infrastructure. Whereby, reported to be forcing network operators to reallocate 2G and 3G spectrum.

MTN South Africa chief technology and innovation officer Giovanni Chiarelli, said;

“There is no doubt that 5G will offer the consumer higher speeds and lower latency‚ but to achieve this we need the capacity that comes with additional spectrum.”

MTN could look forward deploying the first 5G network in the future because it has 4G license in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, MTN has collaborated with Network Equipment Provider, Ericsson on its first 5G trial and he found out that the technology is at least 100 times faster than 4G in speed.

We are hoping to have this network circulated before end of this year, most especially in Nigeria.

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