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Your Bluetooth is not working ! How To Fix Without Technical Expert Assistance

Having Bluetooth problem is not too common though most of the time the problem that occur is due to some little failure which will be treated here and how to fix the problem yourself without any expert assistance.

Bluetooth problem mostly occur on Android mostly when they are being upgraded to Android 5.0 lollipop but you are lucky to be reading this because all the steps to resolve this will be listed without any engineer assistance.


Though you may feel unbothered due to some other applications that allow you to transfer easily but the fact is Bluetooth function cannot be commanized and it will always be relevant on all smartphones.

Bluetooth is one of the device you can find nearly on all smartphone which allow you to send and recieve stuffs like like music, videos, contacts, audio, text from another smartphone that has bluetooth function.

Bluetooth Problems And Solutions
SOLUTION 1: Turn On Your Bluetooth Properly – Firstly, you have to check if your phone supports Bluetooth or you can go to settings and turn it ON then set it visible to all device during pairing and data transmission in order to pair and transfer your data smoothly.

SOLUTION 2: Enter Pairing Code – This is important, especially when pairing with windows phone, PC or desktop, and blackberry phones. You will have to enter pairing code before the file can be transferred successfully. So always try to enter pairing codes to resolve pairing issues.

SOLUTION 3: Free Up Memory Space – Always try to free up your memory space because when files are being sent to a low memory phone, there won’t be enough space to receive it. You can go to Settings>>Storage to free up your space by deleting files that are not useful anymore.

SOLUTION 4: Clear Bluetooth Data – After following up correctly and still have issues, your Bluetooth problem might be resolved by clearing Bluetooth data and this can be done by going to Settings >> Apps >> Then tap on ALL and view the list of all running apps >>Tap on Bluetooth share option>>Tap on storage >> Tap on Clear data and finally tap on OK. So you would have successfully cleared your Bluetooth data which includes all files, settings, accounts, databases e.t.c

SOLUTION 5: Reboot Your Device – You can resolve your Bluetooth issue by rebooting your device. If you found out that your Bluetooth is misbehaving, just reboot your device to resolve this issue.

SOLUTION 6: Update Bluetooth Driver – If you followed all these solutions without installing or downloading the working Bluetooth driver on your PC, it won’t work which means you won’t be able to connect your phone to it. So try to download a compatible Bluetooth driver.

The solution listed above will fix Bluetooth error and problems on Android 5.0 lollipop and you can also give it a trial on other Android version.

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