App Updates: Snapchat designed new interface for best user experience [Edited] - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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App Updates: Snapchat designed new interface for best user experience [Edited]

Snapchat has now design new interface for the user experience, Snapchat is camera captured app where Snapchatter can always capture using direct camera, that's why it is very important for users to be mindful of what to snap.

Snapchat cannot be compare to Facebook so don't expect it to have traffic or users like Facebook or any other social media platform. Moreover Facebook cannot be compare to WhatsApp because they have different platform with different features even though they have some common features.

Recently Snapchat said they will be releasing new interface that will allow user or Snapchatter to share pictures directly with another social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others.

Snapchat has been rolling out a controversial new redesign. In fact, the reception has been so poor that over 1.2 million people have signed a petition to revert the change. How do you feel about the changes?

It seems users are not enjoying the new interface released by Snapchat as they have keep flocking all other media complaining about the redesign, user request for the revert to former design but nothing have been done yet.

Download Snapchat here 

Snapchat now have new interface but seems not to be right with user, what do you say about it? 

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