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GBWhatsapp now allow users to apply and download the new Themes

Gradually Whatsapp user has finally switch to GBWhatsapp because of it numerous features that normal Whatsapp did not have, as at today GBWhatsapp has become the best that mean the old normal version is waving away though we still have it in playstore but user have not being installing again.

GBWhatsapp now has new loads of theme that gives your app nice look so far you GBWhatsapp then you can apply for it

We've posted here some features embedded in new GBWhatsapp so if you have not download quickly do that now. One of the features is that it allow you to download pictures and video from another users status, right at the top you have DND (Do-Not-Disturb) icon and many more.

How to download GBWhatsapp Themes on Android

Step 1: If you don't have GBWhatsapp before feel free to download here 

Step 2: One your download is completed, install and launch then tap on the menu or plus icon on the left side.

Step 3: Now, immediately when you tap on the plus icon, 3 icons will pop up, quickly tap on the 2nd icon to download your theme.

Step 4: After you might have clicked on the 2nd icon then wait for few second. Once it comes up kindly tap Apply to download your favorite from the theme.  Once it's completed then you are good to go, quickly restart you GBWhatsapp.

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