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Glo slashes data bundle plans to disappoint all the customers

Glo is one of the strong network in Nigeria known to be a grand master of all data plans, recently they have really put smiles on every users faces because of there bogus and good data allocations. 

We would like to remind you quickly if you've forgotten when Glo came up with a new data plan list doubling the former data plan, we thought it was to compensate customers though they actually did. But now the song is different coming out with new beat and users would not be able to dance to it, what do I mean?

Glo has finally succeeded in slashing into two all their data bundle, so N1000 data plan is now 2GB instead of it former 4GB and also N2000 is now 4.5GB and no more 9.5GB. These was confirm in a call conversation with a customer service, that there's no more double data plan as it was before. Dial *777# to quickly check the new data plans

"She said their's no more data bonus for both new and old customer again as it was before , she further said that it was released cuz of the festival to compensate customers, which we believe that a lot of customers have enjoyed in the recent time."

Though the news wasn't so sweet but nothing we can do about the current situation, but we hope Glo is going to bring everything to normal as we've enjoyed in the recent time. 

Many customers will be switching back to there current SIM or another network entirely as nothing to make them stay again, honestly the Glo former data plan has made many to stay on these network even though they have poor and weak coverages still many users keep managing it but nothing again to kept them captivated. 

Talking about wide coverage and strong Network MTN has it and they are still the best even if you travel to remote area MTN is always available though flops are meant to happen but they still have it.

Airtel and 9mobile are now doing wonderfully well, in the recent data plan released. Many amendment have been made to suit the customers and we hope these is going to last longer for customers to enjoy. 

Glo sudden data slash is a slap on users, we wish everything could go back to former as it was , said by a user. We hope they'll prove themselves as the data grandmaster as they've did it the past. 

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