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Google Feed now appears in Google Now Launcher home button

More features added to Google launcher home button, if you have not seen before, Google feed now appears on your home screen though it's being long Google pay attention to Now Launcher but that doesn't mean they've totally forgot or abandon it, they keep working on new release and how to make former interface better.

Recently, some interesting changes were amde on the old Google Now Launcher to make it more friendly and enchance quick and easy search. It's wonderful and noticeable interface, on yourhome button you have search box obviously at the top bar and it is always available for search and feedback.

The search box in GNL is persistent at the top of the screen, but you can turn off the swipe right gesture for opening the feed. Now that there's a home button that opens the Feed, you can still access it even without the swipe. Maybe that's a handy addition, but the button is rather unattractive.

Appearance of these home button feed doesnt mean that you wont be able to use your browser again, if you want to search for any information you can still go with your browser but this Google Noe Launcher amkes everything easy and simply for quick search even without launching your browser.

Since this change likely arrived via the Google app, other launchers that implement the search box might start getting the button as well. Most of the Google app launcher will have the new feed search and many more coming.

Key features

  • Swipe right from your Home screen to see Google Now cards that bring you just the right information, at just the right time.
  • Quick access to Search from every Home screen.
  • Say “Ok Google” to search with your voice, or tell your phone what to do: send a text message, get directions, play a song, and much more.
  •  A-Z apps list, with fast scrolling and quick searching of apps on your device and the Play Store.
  • App Suggestions bring the app you’re looking for to the top of your A-Z list.

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