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HTC smartphone company struggles to stand again after huge loses

HTC is one of the strong smartphone company having a lot of their product all over the world , but it seems they are lacking innovations and design, most of the time they have poor battery life span which does not give the user the best they need.

It seems everything is difficult for them as their president resigned due to huge loses that occur recently, some weeks back it was announce that HTC releases some of their workers to Google paying them huge amount of money though the user complin that the money was too small but nothing could be done after the whole aggreement.

Reports suggest that he has planned to launch an AI Startup later this year. Moreover, Chang joined as its Chief Financial Officer in 2012 before becoming the smartphone president in 2016.

The beginning of HTC down fall
Google recently acquired 2,000 members of its R&D staffs and access to some of its patent in a $1.1 billion deal. This has made HTC to fall on hard times recently.

HTC 2017 revenues were the lowest they would been in over 13 years and even last week, the company reported a year-on-year revenue decline of 27% from January 2016 to 2017.

With this increasing lose of revenue, HTC career and position in smartphone arena remains on shaky ground. 

HTC smartphone have been one of the strong company but the table have turn as the bad time comes to visit them, what a sad story for HTC. What do you think will happen to HTC?

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