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Samsung Galaxy S9 will be coming with Iris Scanner for the best security

Hope you are aware that the anticipating Samsung Galaxy S9 will be coming Iris Scanning features, and will be coming very soon for every users that have been waiting.

We couldn't say precisely but according to experts say that iris scanning is the best and more secure measure than others when it comes to biometric authentication. 

We have different biometric authentication method but it seems the most adopted one by an expert is iris scanning, which will be coming with the latest upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9. User will need to hold the phone camera closer to their face for a few seconds to unlock their smartphone though recently their was a panic that iris scanner may cause damage or any effect to the body but we aren't sure about that.

It was the second security blow dealt to the South Korean conglomerate in the space of a few months, after its facial recognition technology also designed to allow users to unlock their phones password-free was tricked almost immediately after launching.

Slightly creepy incidents like this, coupled with a deluge of warnings about cyber security, devastating attacks like WannaCry and Petya, and even dystopian TV series like Black Mirror, should all serve as a critical warning to us. They should remind us that technology and hackers are engaged in a global game of cat and mouse, during which the fat and resourceful feline is regularly clawing chunks out of the ignorant rodent’s tail. But, inexplicably, we don’t care.

We’re so obsessed with the idea of using breakneck technology to innovate and reach maximum convenience that we’re losing sight of the fact that a good old alphanumeric code, changed every few weeks and committed to memory, is a far better way of protecting what’s essentially our whole identity than anything else. 
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Samsung company is sorry for the late coming of the proposed Galaxy S9 but will roll out very soon for those users that have been waiting to see, you're going to have the best when it comes.

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