Smartphones 2018: Photos of 2 leaked upcoming Nokia 7+ with Android One and Nokia 1 - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Smartphones 2018: Photos of 2 leaked upcoming Nokia 7+ with Android One and Nokia 1

Here is another latest leaked out from Evan Blass, it was posted on his twitter platform talking about the upcoming new Nokia 7+ with Android One and also Nokia 1. Thanks to the notorious leaker Evan Blass for dishing out the latest coming phone from Nokia, we believe that's how it is, no doubt in what he posted.

Recently Nokia releases more of their product to suit the users request and here the photo of another upcoming ones. The Nokia 7 was only announced in October, but it seems a plus version is already on its way, likely to be debuted at MWC 2018 in Barcelona at the end of the month.

Check out the features 
Take a loot at the picture very well, it is cleared that it is Android One with 18.9 aspect ratio judging with these images. 

It has smart shape with curve corners, It will be coming with dual rear cameras with Zeiss lenses. The Nokia 7+ will have an upgraded Snapdragon 660 processor with 4GB of RAM. 

Most like the Nokia 1 phone will be released along side with Nokia 7+, images posted above shows the physical look of the upcoming smartphone. It has curve corner shape which is portable to handle, we can also see that it has a potentially removable plastic back cover and a single lens camera with a flash. Retro looks are matched with retro features, such as plentiful bezels and that old-fashioned headphone jack. It's difficult to make out the charging port, but let's assume it's unlikely to be USB-C.

Here are the few things to know about the upcoming phones though we could not judge all with the physical look but we hope to see more features coming with Nokia 1 and also Nokia 7+.

Source: Evan Blass 

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