Starting from month of July HTTP sites on Google Chrome Browser will be labeled "Not Secure" - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Starting from month of July HTTP sites on Google Chrome Browser will be labeled "Not Secure"

This is coming from Google desk that all the pages with just HTTP will be named or labeled insecure on chrome browser. Google is always concern with the security aspect of their services, recently it was aid that almost all the apps on google will now be using two-factor-verification and these have started taking effect as we have some apps now in store using fingerprint authentication and PIN

On the same note banks have dive into the system as they have include fingerprint verification into their app in place of PIn thought the PIN is still working as an alternatives. 

Now Google will be taking a strong steps labeling all webpages on chrome using HTTP without SSL certificate (HTTPs) as "Not secure" starting from the month of July though many users don't know the different between HTTP and HTTPS, HTTP webpages shows that the page is not too secure for any transaction involving money or fund or business transaction, so if you see any site with ordinary HTTP just think twice before you go into any agreement on business transaction.

HTTPs are now offered for free on Blogger platform and on Cloudfare. It’s very important for a website owner to have it installed on their website for a good ranking factor and to protect their users from insecure payments and frauds, especially those using e-commerce websites.

For all the webpages that have not install SSL certification kindly do that as the warning messages will keep showing up intermittently and continually, they keep laying emphasize that starting from the month of July this year (2018) the error messages will keep sounding a warning. These will help you to know how to set up

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