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SwiftKey Beta v6.7.8 is out to fix annoying bug during typing

SwiftKey keyboard is a customise Android Keyboard designed with beautiful interface and functions. Recently some bug were noticed when typing , especially when trying to make comments on discus using chrome browser but here another version called SwiftKey Beta to solve all the annoying moment when you are trying to make comments.

This version is called bug fixer, the previous version of SwiftKey causes odd things to happen when tapping next word prediction or causing phone to slow or bringing wrong prediction and others, it always got someone so crazy. For example, sometimes multiple attempts are required to select a prediction; or tapping a word in the prediction bar adds the first letter of that word to the end of the word, yielding a nonword.

Swiftkey responded to the recent complain from different sources , saying it was on it, and a few days later it confirmed that the latest beta, version 6.7.8, includes a fix. It appears to resolve the problematic typing (expand the Gfycat to get a better look at it).

SwiftKey says the fix will be pushed to the stable version of the app once it makes the rounds for beta users. A few users in the SwiftKey support forum confirm that the latest beta addresses the bug.

If you have been experiencing the annoying time using the old version of SwiftKey Keyboard you can upgrade to the latest version 6.7.8 which is available in store, we have the previous version link and the new version so click on the link to download and install the keyboard. 

Note: Both old version and new version of SwiftKey are free  so keep enjoying!

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