Airtel 4G LTE enters Lagos with 4GB free data for the new users - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Airtel 4G LTE enters Lagos with 4GB free data for the new users

Airtel 4G LTE has being on the trend for a while every pages if full with its story , recently it was posted here that Airtel is welcome to Ibadan with huge awoof to entice customer and then it was said that soon the coverage will reach out to other states and now its Lagos turn.

If you are in Lagos then you can now enjoy Airtel 4G LTE is now working perfect with strong network which is working on any device that can access internet (Android, iOS, PC).

Mind you not all smartphone support 4G so before you opt-in for Airtel make sure your phone support and you have the strong coverage in your location.

Airtel did not enter Lagos like  that , it enters with 4G free data plan to entice new customers that will be swapping to Airtel

Airtel 4G LTE network supports Band 3 (1800MHz) which almost all mobile devices use. Airtel boasts of speed 28.45 mbps download speed and 8.77 upload speed. Moreover, speed varies spending on your network signal or coverage.

How to Opt-in for Airtel 4G LTE
Go to any nearest Airtel store and swap your SIM to Airtel 4G LTE, then check your data balance by dialing *140# and you will be given free 4GB data bonus.

This is still fee and new, all you need is to go to any nearest store , make enquiry and make you SIM available for free data plan.

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