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Facebook settings (interface) now redesigned to deal with users account data and privacy

Facebook has become the center of story attraction on every pages and social media due to current privacy and security issues, Brian Acton tweet on his twitter page recently that it is time to delete and leave Facebook due lack of privacy but Mark replied in his statement that they are working on taking the necessary measure even the Facebook intention initially wasn't what is happening.

In respect to all these scandals ,another settings interface redesigned for easy access access and more transparent especially ones dealing  with account data and privacy. Now their wont be collection of users personal data without permission again, according to recent report that millions of user data had been collected by third party but their wont such again as the measure has been on the go.

Facebook says it's cleaned up the settings section to make it easier to understand; the changes also emphasize users' control over their data and privacy. "Most of these updates have been in the works for some time," 
Facebook says, "but the events of the past several days underscore their importance."

It'll likely take more than an overhaul of app settings to solve Facebook's privacy problems: Reuters reports that three users are perusing a class action lawsuit against the company over the Android metadata kerfuffle, asserting that their privacy had been violated by Facebook's collection of their call and text logs. Facebook had previously issued a statement assuring users that their sharing of the data the lawsuit pertains to is strictly voluntary and can be stopped at any time.

Facebook is working on taking appropriate measure to tighten their security and privacy when it comes to personal data. The report is coming from Facebook Newsroom and also spotted on Reuter.

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