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Here is 4-in-1 "Lite" Facebook Lite, Twitter Lite, Instagram Lite and YouTube Lite

Another app spotted on playstore called iLite, iLite is 4-in-1 free apps which serves as an alternative to Facebook Lite, Twitter Lite, Instagram Lite and also YouTube for latest movies. 

iLite is an alternative to Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, and also Facebook video downloader. Instagram iLite is Instagram users and Twitter iLite is for Twitter users, Twitter video downloader is embedded into this app and finally YouTube Lite.

I think is very interesting app, if you don't enough space on your phone to download Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube then you can go for this iLite app which contain the four apps that you needed and it keep you connected. 
It is designed to be the smallest social app of just 1.5MB on playstore and little expand when install and it doesn't keep expanding after the installation.

What you'd going to like with this iLite
  • All Social lite Apps
  • Fast lite for Facebook
  • Fast lite for Instagram
  • Fast lite for Twitter
  • Fast lite for YouTube
  • Only 1.5 MB in size 
  • Access groups and pages
  • Low RAM, CPU, Storage and battery consumption.
  • Low internet data usage and money when use 2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi.
  • Video downloader for Facebook and Twitter.

iLite is available on playstore and it is designed to be compatible with Android devices starting from 4.0 and it latest.

Where to download?
As said early this is for Android users and you can download directly from playstore and share your experience with others.

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