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How to charge your smartphone faster than expected

Most of the time we got it wrong when it come to using smartphone, a lot of complain always emanate from different users and asking them what the issue is then you got to know that they aren't getting it right.

Smartphone is a device that needed to be taking care of just like your maintain other devices even your body system, also when it comes to charging aspect of it they got it to be zero. Good that you are here reading this post because you are going to learn some few ways to charge faster and maintain your smartphone.

How to get a faster charge
Use Direct Company or Manufacturer Charger: Some people might be funny just going after any charger without checking the compatibility, some charger are designed for specific phones and using it might cause some damage to your battery or slow charge and then we start complaining. 

Charge Directly from the Outlet or Socket: Charging from any other source is not an option though we always use it as an alternative whenever our smartphone is down and we need to bring it up but the fact remains that charging from laptop or power bank is always slower compared to charging directly from the source (Outlets). The reason is that USB port offer 2.5W or 4.5W of power depending on whether is USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 compared to a minimum of 5W from a main power adapter.

Leave in Airplane or Flight Mode: This feature is not only meant to be used when we are on plane, it can be used at anytime if you need privacy and don't need call from anyone then you can put in flight mode than switching off. So if you are charging, it is advisable to put in flight mode in order to charger faster. However, we have some apps that run in the background and whenever they do this is it reduce the rate of charging which can lead to battery deteriorating.

Leave your Phone as if you lost it: lol, not funny though, some people can check thousand time to know whether it is charging or not or to know the charge it has got, yes it is good but as you press bringing up the screen may cause it to slow charge. In order word you can just put it in flight mode and allow it to charge because start using.

Don't Use while charging:  Most people fall victim of this because we lack patient watching our phone to fully charge before we start using though the situation is well understood in some country where there's electricity challenges then people tend to use any available chance to charge at the same to operate.

All the above mentioned point has no effect directly to our phone but it affect battery life span, so in order to avoid this it is better to prevent from happening than later looking for solution.

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