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How to confirm or check if your SIM or device is 4G LTE supported

MTN is one of the strong network provider in Nigeria when it comes to coverage, it edge others out in many area even though they have some short comings. Base on the recent announcement by NCC recently that MTN Nigeria is the first in Africa and these had gotten them nice reputation.

If you are following the trend you would remember that 4G LTE was launched recently and it has been doing very cool but it's not yet available in all location which I believe they are still working on that to extend their service to those in remote.

What is LTE?
LTE (Long Term Evolution) stands for the 4th generation of telecommunications technology that delivers very high data speeds. With LTE, you can enjoy HDVideo Streaming, Video and voice calls, super-fast downloads, online gaming and much more.

Do you Know that MTN 4G LTE is super-faster?
LTE offers faster download and upload speeds that will considerably improve your internet experience. With LTE you can stream music and video, upload and download faster. You can essentially use your mobile or tablet like a fixed line internet connection.

How to check if your SIM or Device is ready for 4G LTE
It's very simple just few steps you are there; just before you text below code kindly check if MTN 4G LTE coverage is in your area then you can text the code to know if your SIM or Device is ready.

>>>>>>>> Text 4G to 131 <<<<<<<<<

If your device is not ready yet, kindly visit an nearest MTN shop to upgrade your SIM for Free

Switch to 4G LTE and enjoy super-fast downloading and uploading speed.

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