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Internet Speed Tester : Check your internet speed (Cellular data and Wi-Fi) with "GoSpeed app"

Here is a useful app that help you check your internet speed both WiFi and Mobile data network just in less than 30 seconds. This app is useful in such a way that it help you to check your connection status just before you download or upload.

Most of the time it take us longer time to download or download especially those of us that love to download movies online, though we have UCWeb browser that fast-up our download but in a case we don't have access to strong internet connection, we can use this app to check to avoid download and wasting of time and data. 

This app is very friendly and interesting to embrace, it check in less than 30 seconds your internet connection ping, downloading speed and uploading speed and provide you on how fast and strong your network coverage is serving you.

For example, a 10mbps download speed will eventually download a 4-minute song (4MB) in 3 seconds, 5-minute video (30MB) will download in 26 seconds, a 45-minute HDTV (600MB) will download in 8.5 minutes and a 2-hour HD (4GB) movie will download in 60 minutes.

Whats GoSpeed will do for you
  • Run the test on Wi-Fi or Cellular data 
  • Verify if your speed it what they promised you

You want to give it a try?

This is available in Android store now, not too sure about iOS but will be updated as soon as theirs update on that and other platforms.

Note: This app work with your location, so if your location is off , it needed to be enabled in order to have full access.

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