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Sending Video Messages on Duo is now made easy by Google

Duo is one of the Google apps service that allow you to capture and share video messages when your friends cannot answer their call. The introduction of this new video messaging feature was made on Monday to have been working perfect on Android and iOS devices.

So life is good with Duo apps even when your friends are unable to answer their call you can still share them video messages which always look so real.

Starting today, Duo users can send a video message to their friend or family member, who will receive it in the Duo app. The video messaging functionality allows users to leave a 30-second video (or voice) message if the person they’re calling declines or misses the incoming call,” the company said in a statement.

This feature is building on the ordinary voice call, so if you or another user receive video message, just simply tap their icon. After they have watched their video message, users can tap the ‘Call now’ button to easily call that person back.

The new video messages will automatically disappear within a day after a user has seen it, Google said. However, the company has added an option wherein the user can save their favourite video messages on the smartphone.
Similar to all calls made on Google Duo, video messages are also secure and end-to-end encrypted. 

This new feature has started rolling out to Android and iOS device worldwide and will be make live as soon as possible.

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