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Skype Lite will be made available in playstore as an alternative to official Skype

Skype is one of the instant messenger app that allow you to connect with people from different part of the world, it's allow users to chat and make video call to other user

Most companies uses it as a platform to have a business meeting and it has been very interesting and serving. 

Skype Lite will be coming soon to meet the needs of daily messaging and video communication of some countries most especially India, this app is purposely designed for India country to enable them have access to video communication. 

Any Lite apps allow serve you better if you have poor network in your area, I think that's the main reason why Skype Lite is built for them. However, it is small , fast and capable, it allow you to send free text messages and make voice and video calls even under limited network condition. 

Skype Lite will always help you stay connected with your friends and family. And some many other Lite apps in playstore

What can I do with Skype Lite? 
Skype Lite is designed for the India market with new and integrated features, such as support for SMS, native phone contacts and calls, data usage tracking, India focused Skype Bots to help our users be more productive, in addition to many FREE Skype features like free messaging, audio and video calls, you already know and love! 

Skype Lite is lightweight, quick to download and runs fast on most popular Android devices. It is built with the latest Skype technology to perform well even under limited network connections and help you save money with data saving features for video call. Things you can do with Skype Lite now:

Skype Lite Features
• Free voice or video calls with anyone on Skype 
• Free voice or video group calling
• Chat with your friends and family via Skype for free 
• Never miss important information or date with SMS Insights 
• Reduced data consumption for Skype video calls
• Know your data usage in the app any time for messaging and video usage. 
• Share photos, emoticons, phone screen and files (up to 300 MB)
• Explore the world of Skype Bots 
• Free calling from India to US/Canada landlines and mobiles. Excludes special, premium service & non-geographic numbers. Internet and/or mobile fees may apply. See full terms. 

Skype Lite is for India users, I believe Microsoft is still working on extending to other countries. You can click here to download Skype Lite and share your experience. If you have any area that you want them to improve then you can write them and they will surely work on it.

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